15 HMH Tibbi Road, Hanumangarh Town, Hanumangarh, Rajasthan-335513
Vision and Mission  

Our Vision :     
DAV Centenary Public School Hanumangarh was started on 1st July 1996. This is the outcome of deep and profound vision of DAV movement with a coherent and composite philosophy of progressive education for
holistic, round and integrated development of individual student. It's deep insight is on Vedic philosophy, the root of all learning and Indian culture, human skills and behaviour. It represents the synthesis of tradition and modernity. Education on the basis of Vedic cultural heritage. Its deep vision lies in inculcating among students high sense of patriotism, cultured human being without any discrimination. As a basic principle of Arya Samaj. Education with a difference “dispelling the ignorance” and lighting the lamp of knowledge that meets the requirements of individual in this highly competitive age of science and technology - English Medium education with special infusion of Vedic culture and value that form the backbone of human civilization.

Aims and Objectives :
The very aims and objectives of DAV institution under a centralized system of management is child
centred education, to make his/her personality all around, wholesome and integrated with blending of physical, moral, aesthetic and Vedic values. The school aims at academic excellence with special emphasis on character building, understanding the values of discipline, dignity of labour, sense of patriotism and making students sensitive towards self, society, humanity and environment. Proper amalgamation of ancient values and modern scientific advancement.

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SGS DAV Centenary Public School
15 HMH Tibbi Road, Hanumangarh Town,
Hanumangarh, Rajasthan-335513

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