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Education is not just the knowledge of 3 R's but it means far beyond it. As we are aware, true knowledge is the inculcation of right skills, attitudes and values to empower an individual to face the complexities of the present competitive world. It is definitely a dynamic process, for it entails progress - not only scientific, technological and economic but mental, physical and spiritual as well, developing the power of understanding and analysing. Thus, it is a continuous process which goes on throughout life. In a true sense, education is not only a preparation for life, but it is life per se. The right approach to education would be to foster the latent talent in students, thereby making them confident despite their weaknesses. Education, thus, forms the basic fabric of one’s personality that shapes one into a complete human being with a purpose.

Our vision of true education is to ensureholistic development of students' mental, physical, emotional and spiritual faculties. We are of the firm opinion that the holistic education helps students grow up in to adults, equipped with value- base deeply rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage and traditions. We believe that education must have a sense of direction and purpose, that is, ends and means having sanctity and uprightness.
DAV Hanumangarh is one among the vast network of around 850 DAV Institutions spread all across the country and a few even abroad. All the DAVs right from schools to colleges and now DAV University at Jalandhar in Punjab, are continuously striving towards lending a helping hand to the needy strata of thesociety, and also contributing their best to, fight various social and ecological issues. Our revered President, DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi, Shri Punam Suri ji, misses no opportunity to help the downtrodden and the needy. Further, to realize his most cherished dream of a pollution free environment, the school promotes revolutionary ideas like celebration of cracker-free Diwali, and encouraging students to use bicycles instead of the motorized vehicles etc. I am very thankful to the parents for their cooperation and willing support on all these issues.

The present scenario is full of stress which in turn leads to mental, physical and spiritual violence. We, here at DAV understand the powers ofyouth, and therefore make every endeavour to help our children develop into responsible and accountable world citizens. The environment of learning here expands beyond the walls of classrooms and textbooks to make the students critical thinkers, enquirers, reflectors and analytical doers. Our School is continuously and vehemently striving towards creating an environment for molding a future peaceful society for which right values and their importance are of utmost priority, for one cannot deny the stress and dilemmas of the present generation. Thus, we take every care that the technological advancements in the field of education are integrated with the inculcation of right moral values and to achieve this, a host of value-based activities including daily 'hawan yajna' are arranged in the school.

The school understands and respects the individuality of every child and therefore adopts the mode of acceptance rather than denial. Thus, each student gets loads of opportunities to show his/her excellence in the field of his/her taste and to thisend lots of inter-house activities are conducted throughout the session and every student gets an opportunity to participate in these competitions. We believe that each student should carry irrevocable and exemplary memories of his/her Alma Mater and to achieve this teachers here try to play children's friends. They are actually trained to counsel the children believing that every child today craves for attention and recognition.

To achieve this laudable end, let us both, the teachers at school and parents at home, join hands to create an environment conducive to fostering a responsible, productive, peaceful, happy, concerned and loving society where each one rises above his/her self- obsession and works towards a larger goal. To conclude, I wish to quote a few lines from a beautiful poem "A Nation's Strength" by Ralph Waldo Emerson, a great American poet, philosopher & essayist. The poem begins with a question "What makes a nation's pillars high and its foundations strong?" And the reply that follows is really worth are our attention...

Sarita Ranjan Gautam
Assistant Regional Officer

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